We keep families together.

Food insecurity is a real problem in Springfield, Missouri–so much, in fact, that 1 in 4 of our citizens receives food assistance from local food banks. When a family is unsure of how dinner is going to get to the table, the financial strain becomes unbearable.

Something has to give, something has to go.

We have wonderful organizations in our community that help families with food and supplies in times of need, but there is a member of the family that is oft forgotten by charitable causes–their beloved pet.

Which is why financial hardship is one of the most common reasons pets are surrendered to shelters.

PAWS Pet Pantry started small, inspired by the love of a single man, Pops, and his perky, shoulder-perched pup.

“Gizmo always eats first.”

Gizmo chomped away at the casserole Pops had received from a local outreach event. As the chill of fall filled the air, Pops wasn’t sure when he would get his next hot meal, but he knew one thing for certain–his beloved Gizmo always came first.

For Pops, Gizmo is more than a pet. Gizmo is a constant companion, a ray of light in the lonely, isolating life of homelessness. Gizmo is his best friend.

Gizmo is family.

So, Gizmo eats first and Pops only takes a serving for himself after everyone at outreach has eaten.

A humble man and his dog–an inspiration to make a change.

Casseroles, while they may delight pups everywhere, aren’t the best food for a furry companion. Financial difficulty or homelessness means that nutritious pet foods are simply unfeasible. That’s why PAWS Pet Pantry was founded.

Our goal is to provide nutritious, quality pet foods and limited veterinary assistance so that no pet in Springfield is surrendered to a shelter because of financial difficulty.