Welcome to PAWS Pet Pantry! Have a question? Check out this list – we just may have an answer! Don’t see your question here? Need more help? Feel free to contact us at pawspetpantry@gmail.com, or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Who qualifies for assistance?

PAWS assists a wide range of clientele. In order to qualify for services through PAWS Pet Pantry, potential clients must meet the following requirements:
  • Live within city limits of Springfield, MO
  • Submit an application for services in person or online at www.pawspetpantry.org
  • Provide Proof of Need, such as:
    • Current EBT Card & Letter of Eligibility
    • Proof of Income
    • Proof of SSI/Disability Benefits
We occasionally grant temporary assistance requests for clients who do not have Proof of Need, or who may not generally qualify for assistance but are in need due to unforeseen circumstances. If this applies to you, you’re more than welcome to message in to the page or e-mail us to discuss your specific situation.
We will NOT service members of rescue organizations, breeders, or individuals deemed reckless by local animal control organizations without special circumstances and a unanimous decision from our board.

What services do you provide?

PAWS Pet Pantry was founded to ensure that no pet went hungry – and that no person went hungry trying to provide for their pet. Pet food, therefore, is at the core of our mission. However, as we realized the magnitude of the need in our area, our services expanded to include provision of basic pet supplies, including harnesses, leashes, collars, coats, and bowls.
We are 100% dependent on donations – and while we’d love to be able to provide everyone with anything they might need, we are limited to what we have on hand. We occasionally have to deny requests for supplies simply because we don’t have them on hand. If you are in need of supplies and we don’t currently have them, please be patient!
We are set up to provide services for cats and dogs in particular – though we occasionally receive supplies for small animals, birds, and reptiles (and we LOVE all kinds of critters), these donations are generally inconsistent and we cannot guarantee that we will be equipped to consistently service these animals.
Because we are donation-driven, we cannot promise that your pet will receive the type of food that they are accustomed to, or that they will continuously receive the same brand over time. We also cannot guarantee that we can cater to special dietary needs consistently.

My pet needs vetting - can you help?

We at PAWS do our best to assist with basic, preventative veterinary care as much as possible. This includes combo (DA2PP) vaccinations for dogs, deworming, nail trims, over-the-counter flea and tick preventatives, and assistance with spay/neuter funding through our local low-cost veterinary clinic. All vetting assistance is entirely resource-dependent – we do not always have vaccinations, dewormer, etc. on hand, and when we’re out, we’re out.
We are NOT a veterinary clinic and do NOT have a veterinarian on staff. We cannot:
  • Provide emergency veterinary funding (we recommend the Killuminati Foundation)
  • Provide funding toward cosmetic or elective surgeries (ear cropping, de-clawing, etc.) or any veterinary work that is not basic preventative and wellness care
  • Give rabies vaccinations
  • Sign paperwork requiring veterinary authorization
  • Provide wellness exams or health certificates
We highly encourage clients to visit a regular veterinarian for wellness exams when possible. Though we occasionally assist with canine combo vaccinations (DA2PP)*, when at all possible we recommend that clients utilize local low-cost vaccination clinics hosted by SAAF Spay and Neuter Clinic or the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.
* Please note that vaccinations are currently limited to animals at the highest risk for infection that absolutely cannot be seen at a regular vet or low-cost clinic. Vaccinations will be provided entirely at the discretion of our Outreach Directors. We are also currently out of flea and tick preventatives – we will update if and when more become available.

When and where are services provided?

PAWS currently holds Outreach twice a week in tandem with local groups providing evening meals for those in need. If you are in need of services but are unsure where to go or if you qualify, we encourage you to apply online – one of our Outreach Coordinators will e-mail you in regards to your application status and invite you to Outreach if and when your application is approved. If you have difficulty filling out the online application, you can contact us via Facebook Message, E-Mail, or phone and we will do our best to assist you.
We are ONLY available for services on Outreach nights. Please be aware that we unfortunately do not have the manpower to assist with emergencies, and that should you run out of food before our next Outreach night, we have no way of getting you more until then.

Do I need to bring my pet to receive services?

While we love to see your furry friends, it is not entirely necessary to bring them with you. Pets ARE required to be present if they need to be fitted with coats, harnesses, or other wearable items, or if they are to receive any form of vetting.
If you’re in need of a coat or harness, we recommend giving us a call or contacting us via e-mail or Facebook message so we can check our stock and ensure we have what you need – this way you don’t have to bring your fur-kid out if options are not in stock, especially as it grows colder.
You do NOT need to bring your pet weekly to receive food. We understand that the journey to Outreach can be stressful for some pets, and that some pets don’t do well with strangers, strange environments, or other animals. If you need services but think your pet will be stressed or reactive, please discuss with us before bringing them to Outreach. We want to ensure that they are safe and happy, and that Outreach goes smoothly for everyone.

I don’t have transportation. Can you deliver?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide delivery services – while we did deliveries for a brief period of time when we first started, it has since become a safety concern, and we simply don’t have the manpower. If you are unable to attend our weekly Outreach services personally you are more than welcome to appoint a friend, family member, or other party that is approved to pick up your items for you.

How often can I attend Outreach, and what can I get each time?

We hold Outreach weekly, and if you are out of supplies on Outreach day you are more than welcome to attend. While we’re available weekly we ask, however, that clients only come as often as needed – if the food provided lasts more than one week, we ask you wait until you need more to come again. If you have questions or concerns about how long the food provided should last, our Outreach volunteers are more than happy to discuss proper feeding portions and supply timelines.
We also ask that you only take what supplies you need. Snazzy new collars, leashes, and coats are always fun, and we love decking out your fur-kids as much as you do, but if we run out we cannot guarantee when we will get more in. We want to make sure that you get what you need – and that everyone else can, too.

I sent in an online application - when will I be approved?

Applications are overseen by our volunteer Outreach Coordinators. They are awesome individuals who donate their time to the cause, and while we do try to reply as quickly as possible, it may be a few days before they can get to your application due to their school, work, and family schedules. Please be patient, and rest assured that we will get back to you before the next Outreach is held so that you won’t miss the soonest opportunity for services if approved.

Once I’m approved, am I in the program for life?

The PAWS program is meant to be temporary – with an ever-growing list of clients, we simply can’t keep up the pace if we help everyone in need forever (nor can we guarantee that we’ll be around forever, even if we could). We are always happy to help, but we also do our very best to ensure that clients have the resources they need to work toward being independent. We re-evaluate applications every three months. Our Outreach Coordinators will discuss this process with you as your three-month anniversary in our program nears.
Clients may also be removed from the program if we find they were dishonest in their application process, if our terms of service are violated, or if their behavior makes it necessary. While we understand that certain situations can be frustrating, we ask that our volunteers are treated with respect. Any threatening, demeaning, or violent behavior – be it in person, online, via phone, or otherwise – will NOT be tolerated.

I tried to call, but no one answered - did I get the right number?

If you called the number listed here on our website (417 – 501 – 6416 ), you’ve got us! Because we’re completely volunteer-based, we can’t guarantee that there’s always someone to answer the phone. PLEASE leave us a detailed message. We get dozens of calls a day, and it gets tricky to reply when we only have lists of numbers without messages – it’s difficult to know who has called who! If you leave a message, we WILL call you back. We have a nifty Google Voice line that notifies us all when we have a voicemail, and the next available volunteer will get back to you as quickly as possible. Be on the lookout – because we call back using this line, our number will come up as a blocked call.

I don’t need assistance, but I’d love to get involved - how can I help?

PAWS is always in need of volunteers! We are 100% dependent upon the support of our community. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, you can learn more and fill out a volunteer application at www.pawspetpantry.org! You’re also more than welcome to give us a call or send us an e-mail or Facebook message.
We also are always in need of donations – we couldn’t do what we do without them! If you’d like donate – or to set up a food or supply drive or fundraiser – contact us for more information! We’re happy to help and can provide wish lists, online donation links, or donation drop-off instructions.

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