“We haven’t been “okay” in a long time”

“We haven’t been “okay” in a long time”

She was in tears. I was in tears. It all started with a phone call. One call from someone in need. From someone who had never had to ask for help before. They had always had money, she told us. Grew up in a middle class family. Went straight from college into the work force. Then life happened. While we won’t explain the problems here – those are for her to tell those she chooses – but they were significant and financial. She suddenly found herself without a place to live. Yet, she kept a tight hold on the one thing she did have – her two dogs – even though she didn’t know how she was going to feed them. She had faith that this was going to be temporary and she just could not give them up.

So the phone call came. After the phone call, our distribution team leapt into action. They gathered all the items she would need – and more – to get her through her tough time. A little help with food was all she hoped to receive but our outreach team doesn’t do anything by half. When she met up with our team, she was overwhelmed to receive assistance with food, treats, harnesses, leashes, vaccinations, and deworming for her dogs.

But the thing that brought her to tears? The fact that in one of the bags were two little beds.

Now they weren’t special beds by any means. In fact they were used (though they had been washed) and just donated by a wonderful donor who simply said “Please put them to good use”. And we did. As we tried to comfort this woman who had lost everything BUT her dogs in the last month – crying ourselves – we could barely hear her as she said “beds? They have never had their own beds. They always sleep with me or – now – on top of me since we are on a twin mattress on the floor. I wasn’t expecting this.” “You would have been okay without us,” we replied as we handed her a tissue. Her answer broke our hearts –

“No, we wouldn’t. We haven’t been okay for a long time.”

Things are now going better for the two little dogs and their mama. The family is slowly stabilizing and getting back on their feet. And it all started with a phone call – and two little beds.

If you would like to help keep a family together, please consider a monthly donation – > https://4agc.com/donation_pages/c9252832-caf3-4cf1-99eb-7450c0dc4699?gift_id=f05e6c4e-8136-40bf-b247-7977f40babb7. Your support means the world to us and the families we assist.


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