Protect your pets from winter’s chill

Protect your pets from winter’s chill

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the Ozarks.

While our hearts may be warmed by holiday cheer, festive lights, thoughtful gifts, and precious loved ones, we can’t forget that the chill of winter is fast approaching.

As the mercury drops and we burrito ourselves into the snuggly comfort of a downy winter coat, let’s not forget our furry friends need to keep warm, too. Here are 4 tips to keep your pets away Old Man Winter’s frosty grasp.

Bulk up the bedding

If your pet is indoors for the winter, you’ll want to be sure they have warm bedding to snuggle under as the temperatures dip. Ideally, you’ll want fabric that can be moved and positioned by your pet to make the perfect nesting spot for how cold they’re feeling. Anything from a small pile of old clothes to their own folded-over duvet will work great.

If your pet is mostly an outdoor animal, be sure to provide shelter in the form of a dog house or a plastic bin-fabricated cat shelter. Line the shelter with straw to create a cozy spot for your outdoor friend.

Consider their coat

While some may scoff at dogs wearing a jacket, medium-to-short haired breeds can benefit from the added warmth. If you’re taking your dog out for a stroll this winter and you’re bundling up, it’s a sure bet that your furry friend would appreciate a little extra warmth himself.

Up the Calories and Water

You’re not the only one that ups your food intake during the winter—your pets need to as well. Regulating body temperature takes a lot out of your furry friend, so you’ll want to experiment with food schedule to keep their internal motor running and hydrated.

Wipe Away Road Salts

When ice and snow start falling, we break out the deicers without a thought. These road salts can make our pets ill and dry out their paws. If your cat is allowed to roam outdoors or if your dog has walked through deiced areas, be sure to wipe down their paws and fur to remove any salt residue when they come inside.

Our friends and their furry families that we serve at Paws Pet Pantry need your help this winter. Many of the dogs and cats we service live outdoors, in drafty homes, or even in cars or campgrounds. Help us protect our friends from the frigid air by donating winter goods to Paws Pet Pantry, including:

  • Pet sweaters and jackets
  • Blankets and cloth for beddings and rags
  • Nutritious, high-quality pet foods
  • Straw for outdoor pet shelters

Your gift will warm the hearts and bodies of a furry neighbor in your community. What better way is there to celebrate the Christmas season?

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